not able to export data to excel


We just upgraded to client 5.0, SQL 2005 but navision source is still 3.7 (5).

We have now icons to export the data

when we want to export the data to xls, we get following message:

“there is no default stylesheet for the program you are exporting to”

any thoughs or documentation?


What export function/object are you referring to?


doesn’t matter on which screen that you are on.

for instance: Purchase orders, go to lines and click on export icon


You’ll have to add the 5.0 objects for the stylesheets to get that working. There are a number of posts on this subject on this forum and on mibuso. Take a look around the search and let us knkow if you can’t find it.

found the link:


I will take a look on this forum


I am using NAV 2009 R2 and I was experiencing the same problem while exporting G\L Entries. To resolve the problem, I opened up NAV 2009 Cronus database and copied the contents of tables 2000000065, and 2000000066 to my current installation.

Hope it works for you too.