export to excel button doesn nothing

Hi experts, Happy New Year!

i have 2 different databases. Both of them renumbered with OM(Object Manager) Tool. However, 1 is done on our local server (for testing) 1 is done on client’s server (live).

When I go to customer’s list and push the export to excel button excel opens and it exports to excel. But when I do the same with the live it doesn’t do anything, even doesn’t give me an error. I tried to export bunch of rows to export to excel with live db it gave me the error the size is too big thing.

What can cause this problem???

Please, advice ![-o<,


Maybe sounds foolish [;)] - but do you have Ecxel installed on that clien’ts PC? It’s first reason why nothing happens…

Besides, you contradict yourself in your question - first you wrote “nothing happens, even err message” (that should mean no Excel present on that PC), then you add that “bunch of rows” raised an error.

Please give more detail - what err message, from Navision, or some other?

yes, excel is installed. and the navision exports to excel from other database.

But navision doesn’t export from specific database.

I just wanted to know what can cause this problem.

on some database it works, but in other it doesn’t do anything.

Well, is this happening on one PC (I mean 2 different DBs on the SAME PC)?
Or on TWO different - on one it works (1st DB, test), on another PC (2nd DB, production) - no? You again wrote so, that its hard to figure out…

If DBs are identical (first, versions of Navision, second, the Objects), and Excel is present (it must be present on the PC --server or workstation-- on which you run the Navision Client, not on the remote server where DB sits, there is actually no need for Excel at all) it simply can’t behave as you describe.

There must be some difference anyway - maybe on the DB that doesn’t export some Objects involved are not present for same strange reason, I can’t quote now by heart exact Object numbers which deal with export-import to Excel, but you yourself can easily check it…

Sorry, if this isn’t that clear to unerstand.

In same navision version(in 1 pc, navision 5.0) I’m opening 2 different database(databases are in same server but 2 different database, I think you know what I mean).

If I open database 1 on navision client it can export to excel.

But if I open database 2 on navision client it does nothing.

(the procedure to export to excel, as I understood, should go through cu 1 and cu 403 but the database 2 when I click on export to excel it doesn’t go further than cu 1 function dimcaptionclasstranslate. but database 1 and database 2 has same data for all the tables.)

So there is my question is other than data can affect to this function to execute?

If you press the Send Options next to the Word and Excel icon on the tool bar → what Style Sheets are chosen on the form you are testing with? is it the same in the 2 databases for the form?

Dear Amaraa

Can u tel me how to xports a list of records from form to Microsoft Excel using command button