export/import budget from excel

Hi all, In navision 3.01a BE I have a problem when i try to import a budget from excel here is waht i do: 1. I export a budget to excel with the “export budget to excel” function then I have an excel sheet with my budget 2. I made some changes to my budget and i save the worksheet. 3. I import the worksheet to navision with the “import budget from excel” function, all seem OK, the system ask me if I want to change the budget, I answer yes and… nothing change and no message appear. The weird part is that a collegue of mine does the same thing and it work. and another one have the same problem as I have could it be possible that it is because of the office version? I have office 97 on windows 2000, my first colegue have office 2000 on windows 2000 and my seconde collegue have office XP on windows XP. any tips or known issue about that? thanks for your help.

I expect the version of the office products matters. I didn’t test it for excel, but it sure does for the Word-integration. You need Word 2000 to be able to use it.

Did u check this… http://www.navision.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3115&SearchTerms=budget,excel Secondly I had account codes as “001”, “002”,… this too created the same error (In excel it appeared as 1,2,…). But with account nos “1001” ,“1002”,…it worked. Version 3.10[8D]

Well, Change of colleguas, u will be more paid [:D][:D][:D]

Hello, I’m encountering the same problem as Luca. You can export the budget to Excel just fine. However, if you insert a new line at the bottom of the Excel, that new line will not be imported into Navision. The wierd thing is that I inserted a new line IN BETWEEN the existing lines created by Navision and it imported fine. I’ve tested creating a new spreadsheet with the EXACT format as the spreadsheet Navision created. But it will not be imported as well. I’m guessing there are some hidden properties that Navision sets on the Excel spreadsheet. If anyone has any additional finding on this please share your thoughts.

Oh, one thing I wanted to emphasize is that when I did the import from Excel, it did not return any error messages. It just didn’t create the budget entries.

Hello, apparently the G/L Account No. is the field that’s causing the problem in Excel. Navision support suggests that you put a ’ in front of the G/L Account No. in Excel. By putting in ', it force the field to be recognized as text. Note that even though you formatted the cell to be text, Navision will not recognize it as text.