Importing Budget to Navision


I have a question regarding budget importing. Actually this might be more of a system set up issue.

For some reasons, even though I specified the date value in excel as 2011, all the number shows up under 2010 in Navision after importing is completed.

Are there any settings in Navision that let me choose which year the budget gets imported?

I had no problems when I imported 2010 budget into Navision.

I am guessing I might have missed the year-end closing step for 2010.

Any comments will be appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi Snam,

In the budget form - what do you have the date filter set to?

Hello, Dave.

Thanks for reply. I did not specify any date filter in the form.

Anyway, I think I got it now.

Instead of using my own excel file, I used the excel file that was exported from Navision using date filter set as 2011 and it is working fine now.

Thank you for support.


Hi Snam,

Glad to Help [:D]