Import Excel Budget

Here’s my problem when importing the budget back into excel using the Excel Buffer table. Our G/L account no.s are numbers so when the budget is imported back in Navision it treats them as decimals and not code. I have tried formatting the numbers in excel to be text but this still gives the same problem. Any thoughts?

It sounds like you are using a custom object instead of the standard Navision object (report 81: Import Budget from Excel). If so, are you evaluting your import value before writing to the budget table? Below is the code used by Navision in report 81. CASE TRUE OF EVALUATE(FormatInteger,TextToFormat): EXIT(FORMAT(FormatInteger)); EVALUATE(FormatDecimal,TextToFormat): EXIT(FORMAT(FormatDecimal)); EVALUATE(FormatDate,TextToFormat): EXIT(FORMAT(FormatDate)); ELSE EXIT(TextToFormat); END;