euro bank accounts

as youre all doing so well in answering my questions heres another one! :smiley: we have a bank account set up as euro with say EURO200 in. this bank account has now been closed with the EURO200 being transferred to another Euro account. Day 1 E200 = £150 Today E200 = £180 So we transferred the euros from one bank to another which has left the bank account as EURO NIL. However, it has left a LCY of £30. I want to write this amount off (in order to fully close the account) but can not do so. In theory the account is zero (as in the trail balance) but I need to write this exchange difference somewhere! I cant do a journal in sterling, nor can i change the account to a LCY account as the amount is not zero. Is there a hidden tick box i havent found in which i can tick to close account and clear any exchange differences [:D] On a serious note though, is there any actual setting to “close account” to prevent any further entries going through (after writing the LCY balance off!)

Hi Unsure if I am answering you question directly but the Adjust Exchange Rates batch job can be run and this will do the following:


For bank accounts, the batch job adjusts the currency using the exchange rate that is valid on the posting date specified in the batch job. The batch job calculates the differences for each bank account that has a currency code and posts the amounts to the G/L account specified in the Realized Gains Acc. field or the Realized Losses Acc. field in the Currency table. Balancing entries are automatically posted to the G/L bank accounts that are specified in the bank account posting groups. The batch job calculates one entry per currency per posting group.

Tick the blocked flag to block the bank account, this wil lprevent postings, having the affect of closing the account.