Exchange Rate Adjustment

The G/L Account has a field “Exchange Rate Adjustment” with an option, Adjust Additional-Currency Amount which I have used for one account.

I have followed the help text for this option but have not had any adjustment of the Additional_Currency when running the periodic activity to adjust currency.

I made a journal entry on 01-06-06 for $100 with the Additional-Currency amount correctly calculated.

Now in December, I need to revalue the Additional_Currency Amount.

Although the exchange rate is different from 01-06-06 to 23-12-06 I get no adjusting entry.
I am expecting an entry of zero amount but 0.65 Additional-Currency Amount.

Why do I get no adjusting entry?

Hi Colin

For the GL account you have the entry in do you see adjustment entries from the batch routine? They should be there, but naturally the figure will not alter in the net change field. If you have the additional currency net change field brought forward and this is not changing then you either have the account not set to adjust, the exchange rate has not changed to affect the transaction or when you run the routine you are not ticking the adjust GL accounts option. I can see the addtional currency net change altering in the account I posted a journal directly to when running a base 4.0 version.

Merry Christmas!


I appear to have all the boxes ticked but not getting a resulting transaction.

Not sure what to do except keep trying, this is a V4 Sp1 db so should be no problem.

Your response has encouraged me to keep trying and spot whre I am going wrong. Thanks.

The problem was not leaving the Currency filter blank. Silly me!
Thanks again for the help.