Error while posting a PurchLine for second time...?

Hello All

I am getting this error when I am trying to post a Purchase Line for the second time.

Cannot create a record in Dimension history for documents (InventReportDimHistory). Type: None, . The record already exists.

Thanks In Advance

Hi Bobby,

To resolve this problem, install the hotfix . Then, you must run the X++ job that is named “updateInventReportDimHistory” for each company.

supported hotfix is now from MSDN. find and try it will work .

Hi Rajkumar,

Thanks for your reply, I am getting this error in AX 5.0 (2009), Please let me know the hotfix details for this issue in AX 2009.

Thanks in Advance,


Check partnersource for a localised hotfix. This does not happen in standard AX unless it was on a specific release

I checked on the Partner Source, there is no result for AX 2009. There is 1 result for this error on AX 4.0.