Error while creating Purchase Quote

Dear Experts

When I do any activity on Purchase Quote, the following error occurs…

“Unable to compare operands of type NavDate with NavBoolean”.

What I did:

  1. Its not being caught by Debugger.

  2. Checked all the possibilities on purchase header. There is no as such comparision.

Need your help.


Gaurav Singh

When you are getting this error ??

Hi Sir…Getting the error at the time of purchase quote creation .

Is it while opening page or while entering any value ??

Dear Sir

I am able to open the page but can not make any entry.



Check on table field properties as well as on trigger of fields in pages toooo.

Can you please compile Purchase Header, Purchase Line tables and the page to check for any errors?

Have you made a change/added a field to the Purchase Header table/ recently? I had a simillar issue today on a custom table. I closed RTC and Dev environs and re-opened and all was well again. In my case, I’d added an Integer field before an already existing Boolean field. So the command that got generated to modify the data was not considering the new field and essentially was trying to update the Boolean field when I modified the value in the new Integer field.

Read more about it here, this issue looks related to that described in this MSDN article:

I know this is an old topic, but in case anyone gets this error in future… I had this error and the reason is because I had changed OptionString property of an Option field (and one of the options was used in existing C/AL code). I am sure there might be more than one reason this error could occur, but this is how mine occurred.