Inconsistency Error in NAV........

Dear All,

i’m getting the following error while trying to post a Purchase Credit Memo,

“The transaction cannot be completed because it will cause inconsistencies in the G/L Entry Table. Check where and how the CONSISTENT function is used in the transaction to find the reason for the error.”
hw do i come out of this, pls suggest.

it’s me…santosh

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For getting proper answer to your query, give suitable title/ subject to the post. Your subject ‘Hi’ is really vague.

In your introduction post, you mentioned you are working on NAV, but this question is posted in Ax thread. In case question is about NAV, then post it in NAV related thread.

thanks Dhan Raj,

i quickly noticed the mistake i have done hence i posted the query again. about the thread i’m completely unaware of the same.

once again thanks for your prompt reply and guidance.

looking forward to be get some more support.

it’s me…Santosh

Search for INCONSISTENCY or CONSISTENT in the community website, you will get lot of threads on this.

If there is no modification in the posting routine then my guess would be that you are defining TDS nature of deduction in the purchase cr. memo line and thus getting an error. TDS can only be reversed by TDS adjustment journal.