Error while confirming the PO

Hi All

I am getting the following error, while confirming the PO:

“Because of a system upgrade, purchase orders selected to be posted have no transaction date and cannot be posted. Enter the dates manually, or do a batch update with the transaction date clean-up form in the Periodic section of Accounts payable.”

“Removal of suspension of recId allocation for table PurchParmTable has failed.”

Can anyone guide me how to resolve this error.

thanks in advance.

Hi Imran,

Can you please provide more details i.e. with the details steps being performed when you are getting the issue?

The above information would help us understand the issue.



Hi Muneeb,

It is simply at the time of confirmation of the PO, when i clicking on the confirm button.

You need to enter the dates manually as suggested - it is part of the upgrade you undertook as stated in the message.

Hi Imran,

I was reviewing your issue but as per my understanding the posting date i.e. “Transaction Date” is asked to fill ONLY when we “Invoice” the Purchase Order and NOT when the Purchase Order is “Confirmed”.

Like Adam said, you need to manually fill in the DATE [Posting Date i.e. Transaction Date] while Invoicing the Purchase Order as this is a mandatory date while Invoicing the Purchase Order.