Error when running "Adjust Cost - Item Entries"

*“This topic is moved from another forum due to lack of replies”:*I got an error message when running “Adjust Cost - Item Entries” that say: “Another user has modified the record for this item after you retrived it from the database. Enter your changes in the updated window, or start the interuppted activity again. Identification fields and values: No. = ‘10001’” This is Navision 3.70 A, SQL database. Item 10001 is the first record in the item table. When I bacup the database and restore it in a native db, I don’t get the error. If I restore it at another SQL db, I get the error. I have tried to optimize the Item table(27), Item Ledger table(32) and Value Entry table(5802), but it doesn’t help. I have also tried to insert another item in the database (as first item), but I still got the same error. Another problem in the database is searching in the Item table. This goes very slow, and this problem doesn’t occure in other tables. It’s only 1250 records in the table. Can anyone help me? Som more information: Working in forms that lookup the item table is very slow, but not for all items. The first records in the table is very slow, but not the last records.

We also run 3.70A on SQL database. What country and and language are you using? What version of SQL?

I got this message from MBS Support, and it solved my problem: It seems to cause problems to the SQL server (you will only see this error in a SQL environment) that the update of the unit cost is done without locking the item table. Therefore the Development team has provided this code update as described below and the adjustment should finish without any error after it’s implementation: From Codeunit 5895 - Inventory Management - function called MakeSingleLevelAdjmt. Old Code: IF (CostingMethod <> CostingMethod::Standard) AND (Item.“No.” <> ‘’) THEN ItemCostMgt.UpdateUnitCost(Item,’’,’’,0,0,TRUE,FALSE,FALSE); New Code: IF (CostingMethod <> CostingMethod::Standard) AND (Item.“No.” <> ‘’) THEN BEGIN Item.LOCKTABLE; Item.GET(Item.“No.”); ItemCostMgt.UpdateUnitCost(Item,’’,’’,0,0,TRUE,FALSE,FALSE); END; They unfortunately didn’t specify what object these changes was for, but I ran the Adjust Cost proces with the debugger turned on and found the code in Codeunit 5896, Inventory Management on the MakeSingleLevelAdjmt function, so I assume this is were the changes are going to be made. This has been tested on other instances of this particular error and has resolved the issue. Please try to apply this fix and see if that doesn’t fix the problem for this customer. This code has been fixed for version 4.0, but it does not appear to have made a Worldwide hotfix for 3.70 at this time.