sql server error while accessing the value entry t

Dear all, get some trouble with adjust costs- item entries with 3.10A release. The nex message appears : sql server error while accessing the value entry table- Problem Summary: When running the batch job : adjust costs-item entries, sql server generate error and terminate statement. Error Message The following SQL server error(s) occured when accessing the value Entry Table. 515, “230000” cannot insert value null into column ‘f3’, table 'customer db name$5802$0; column does not allow nulls. insert fails. 3621,“0100”, the statement has been terminated - This happens in CU 22 and I suppose, program tries to insert 0 in date field. Does anyone face this issue earlier and what could be the solution? Thanks for your help

Hi, Do you still have this error? Can you reproduce it? If so, could you execute the following SQL statememt from Query Analyzer in your database: UPDATE [$ndo$dbproperty] SET [diagnostics] = 65536 Close and reopen Attain and try again.