error report Physical inventory by inventory dimension

Hi all,

please help me.I get the report Physical inventory by inventory dimension (IM>report>status>physical inventory) I don’t know this reportI is Ok or not?

For the step create transaction

  1. I create PO and post packing slip 500 Qty in Aug,2007.

  2. I reverse transaction by post packing slip -500 Qty in Aug ,2007.

  3. I get report Physical inventory by inventory dimension. this report and get report As of date 31 July,2007.Report show Receipt -500.I don’t know It right or not.

Please Answer me . Thank you.




I have no issues with this report so I suggest a couple of things.

i) Against the item if you look at the on-hand what does it say?

ii) Against the purchase order line I presume you see the in and out posted?

iii) Check your dates.

If I create a new item in, and book in 50 and run the report it tells me 50 are in stock, if I reverse the receipt and run the report again it does not generate as I have no stock.

Hi, Thank you for you reply.I test in Axapta 3 SP3 is bug and it fix in Ax3 SP5 or show in month that you make trans is show OK. But report before this month is wrong.It show Receipt can try.Thank you. regrads, Onanong