Error on posting packing slip in purchase order


Can any one help me how to solve this problem about posting packing slip in purchase order. Every time I enter a quantity in purchase order details that is in decimal form for example: .49 or lower. I am encountering this message in info log " Physical updating quantity in the inventory unit must be other than zero". But if I enter .50 or higher it can be posted.

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Go to inventory management>setup>parameter>Transport Tabpage>accept underdelivery ,accept overdelivery

this 2 field must be checked.

Could you confirm this is NAV. I appreciate you have posted in a NAV forum but the text reads like AX.

Hi adam,

Sorry for telling… I am using Ax 2009.

Hi Bijesh,

I appreciate your help but I just want to clarify that I am referring in the quantity of the unit in purchase order… I cannot post quantity lower than .49. For example .25 kilo. It was not possible to post .25 kilo in packing slip, but with purchase order and receipts it was possible.

Pls tell me if I confuse you. Thank you

Hi adam,

Sorry for not telling… I am using Ax 2009.

On the unit of measure what is the decimal place setting? 1? If so .49 will be 0, .5 1.

Hi Adam,

Actually i put 2 in the decimal field in unit set up**.** But then, error still appear. I really cant move on to this error. Thank you for the help.

What is the stocking UOM of the item compared to the selling UOM?

I am presuming when you enter 0.49 the system sets this to 0 - what is actually on the sales line, and the stock quantity on the setup tab of the sales line?

HI adam,

Thank you very much for your help. I checked the set up of UOM of stock and selling… and that solved the problem…

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They need to have a unit of measure, even if it is EACH, it does not matter just give it a unit of measure. If they change it they will need a unit of conversion setup, but arguably if they change it on a service item they actually need a different service item.

hi adam,

Alright, thanks for the help. It is clear to me now. Thank you.