EP installation steps in WS-2008


Can anybody help me out which hotfix required for EP installation in WS-2008?

i have installed ax 2009 along with SP1. For EP which hotfix i req?


Hi Shashank,

You already have installed pre-requisites for installing EP.

If possible I would recommend to install Roll up 5 or 6.

i have already installed roll up 6.

Hello can any body tell me how to install EP in WS 2008

1 install IIS.

2 Create the Business Connector Proxy Account in Active Directory called bcproxy,give admin access.

3 Install Windows SharePoint Services( WSS 3.0) with SP2.

4 Add bcproxy account to IIS_WPG and WSS_WPG Account.

5 Set the Application Pool Identity.

6 Install Visual Studio 2008.

7 Install Enterprise Portal and EP Development Tools.

Please refer to the instructions in Installation guide for DAX 2009.

We have covered various aspects of Enterprise Portal including installation in this forum. If you do a search in this forum, you can find them [:)]

thank you harish