Hi friends,

what are the softwares requirements to install the Enterprise portal in ax 2009?


You will firstly require WSS 3.0 or MOSS as it is required to build the sharepoint site, second the . net framework 3.5 and lastly .net business connector .


AX 2009 installation guide has got system requirements for all components including EP. This is available online.

Hi Lalit,

thanks for reply,do u know how to install the EP?

if u know ,please tell send the process.plz…its urgent


Installing EP requires lot and time and lot more processes to do .

After installing all the prerequisites, you have to configure Role centers and for that you have to configure default OLAP cubes in order for the role centers to perform normally .

After configuring OLAP cubes , you have to synchronize the OLTP schema database and this completes the procedure for installing and configuring EP .

For better results take the system Help of AX and try searching two Pdf named as ‘AX and EP InstallationGuide’ and ‘EPAdmin’ for better results