EP installation on Windows 7

Hi All,

I have Windows 7 in my PC and want to install EP.But it requires WS 2008 i believe.Is there any workaround for it? Kindly guide me.




I was facing this problem from 4 months, After repeated efforts i finally installed the EP in my windows7 i.e. for standalone installation of AX.

I hope that you know the prerequisites of EP. For installing of these requirements you need to do the following steeps.

  • Configure the IIS in ur PC,
  • Configure the .NET 2.0 or .NET 3.0
  • Download MOSS on vista in install.
  • Download SharePoint services, for installing SharePoint services you have to first you have to install MOSS on vista then browse "C*Program Files\WssOnVista\Setup"* click Setuplouncher select the SharePoint.exe file which you have downloaded, then proceed with regular installation steeps , in between the installation you will get a step where you have to give database name give your SQL server instance name and compleate the installation.


Before going for installation steeps, can you conform that your PC is installed with standalone installation for AX ?

Conform me this i will proceed farther.

Windows 7 OS will not allow you to install the AOS normally.are you using the client in your machine?


Its not a standalone…conformed woth a domain only…