Enabling single button from a group of button

Hello all . .

I have a problem which is as follows …

I have a Form in which a drop down is there.The drop down contains FormType 1 and FormType 2 options and related to that i have two menuitembutton named as Type 1 and Type 2 which on selecting and clicking on button creates the respective report.

My problem is that if user select any one option from the drop down say Form Type 1,then only button of Type1 should be enabled /visible while the other should be disabled/invisible .

So how can i do this ?

Hello Lalit,

You need to Write code in both the button 's clicked method for achive this like this,

Void clicked()


if (Form1)





if (Form2)






Type1.enabled(Table.FormType == FormType ::FormType1);

Type2.enabled(Table.FormType == FormType ::FormType2); hoping formType a table field

Put the above code in modified event of the formType Field and also in active() if required(make a method with above code call it in modified and active)