enabling controls at runtime

Hi All,

I am taking a control on a form whch is of option type ,If i change the option to opt2, some controls shd be turned into Enable , basically whch have Enable=false And also Some buttons on d form …

Plz help me out in this case…



Hi Venu,

In the Onvalidate trigger you can write code to enable/disable e.g.

if ( MyOption = MyOption::First ) then

Currform.Mycontrol.Enable := TRUE;

Create a new function in this form and add code similar to the following to it:

CurrForm.Field1.Enabled := Option = Option::Opt2;
CurrForm.Field2.Enabled := Option <> Option::Opt2;

Replace Field1, Field2, etc with the name of the controls you want to Enable/Disable.
Call the function in the “OnValidate” trigger of the Option field control and also on the OnAfterGetRecord function of the form.

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In the on after validate trigger you can do for example



This will disable the control. The update controls refreshes the form