Email in Navision

General ability to start an email program from within Navision Attain: requires Microsoft Outlook 98 or Microsoft Outlook 2000. Is it possible to use something other than Microsoft Outlook 98 or Microsoft Outlook 2000 to achive the same results.

Hi, If you take a look at there is an item in the downloads section called SMTP OCX v1.2. This lets you send emails using any SMTP server.

Hey! Am I rigth or am I wrong, when I say this is for Financials, and not for 3x ??.

Well, it depends what you mean by 3x. This whole post should be in the Financials/Attain Developer’s Forum and not in the N3 Forum… N3 is the character based version and I know N3 too little but I guess that it is not possible to use this smtp ocx with N3. Nevertheless this ocx does work with Navision Financials and Attain (3.x) using them with ocx type variables. Saludos Nils