Email from Navision without logging on

Currently using Navision Attain 3.01B on SQL Server 2000. Using a Scheduled Task to run LaunchIT to run a Codeunit that sends e-mail Remittance Advices overnight. Works fine if the e-mail client is open, but cannot seem to get the e-mails to send without user intervention. Uninstalled Outlook and installed MS Exchange, but still have to click OK for the User Profile to use on each e-mail that is sent. Don’t want to open the e-mail client without being able to close it again neatly at the end of the process. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make the system use the default profile automatically with a program generated e-mail? Thanks Debbie

When I tried to do a similar thing with NAS I had similar problems. In the end I wrote my own OCX to output SMTP directly to the exchange server. This worked very well and much quicker than using the exchange client. The only thing is you must allow your exchange server to forward SMTP mail from the local net to the internet. Paul Baxter

Another idea is to send it via CDO (or another mail component), where you in the code can specify which mail profile to use when sending the mail, or set the forwarding setting on the server as Paul explained. There has been an issue with using CDO with Navision that has been solved in the latest version, but else the Outlook object model (Automation controller in Navision), could be used as well.

Hey Paul, Is your OCX available for public use? Is the source available? I am currently using Stephan Stapels referenced in these groups and at I’ve written batch e.mailing routines, etc., which work really well for us. However, I’d love to have the ability to send mixed MIME (both text and HTML). Stephan has been a wonderful help, by releasing V1.2, but before bothering him again I thought I’d ask about your solution. Also, his free source is Delphi based, and I only have vb. Thanks, John T.

I don’t have it now as I am just changing jobs. I may have a copy some where but it was based on Dean Dusenbery’s excellent vbSendMail at It is very easy to change this code to an ocx to send mail from navision. Paul Baxter

Hi, Has anybody worked on Integration of Lotus Domino Server mailing features with Navision Attain. It works fine by adding Lotus Notes Mail service in the Exchange Profiles but looking for advanced help in this regard. Regards

So, there is no real answer to the original question by Debbis ? No way, to set the default Profile when outlook is not started ? Thanks, Gunther