Dynamics F&O Loggin data base is not working or showing the updates

Hello community!

I’m a little lost with the Database log.

I was following all the instructions found in many blogs, even Microsoft instructions (learning process); but, I’m still without any results.

I have done these steps in two different environments with the same result: nothing

  • Verify and clean the log
  • Go to database log setup
  • Add new login database changes with the wizard
  • To be secure about what table to use and its field, I’m using the Form Information option in the Employees form
  • Select the table (data source) and the field. pg_ Marital Status
  • Select the update change log option
  • Finish the process
  • Validate that the option was added in the Database log setup standard view

After that, I will to the Employees form and change the value of Marital Status (over some employees) - save the changes

But, at the end of the test, there are no records in the Database log (overview)

Thanks if you have any ideas and could share them.

Can you tell us more about the DB log setup? For instance, which table did you do it for?

Hi Martin, thanks for asking!

Yeah, sure

Under Human Resource I → Both HcmPersonDetails tables (including staging) → MaritalStatus Field

Update trigger

There are three tables with Person details label and Marital status field: HcmPersonDetails, HcmPersonDetailsStaging and RHRMPersonTable. The screenshot doesn’t reveal for which ones you have done the setup. I assume it’s correct, but being certain is always good. Using Show table names in the wizard allows you to distinguish tables with identical labels.

But I think I see the problem. HcmPersonDetails table is date-effective and when you change something, it doesn’t change the record. It keeps the record there and it just creates a new version from the current time. No update was logged because no updated happened. A new record was created instead. Check if you’ll have better luck when logging inserts.

To give some background, imagine that you calculate taxes differently for married employees. If there was no versioning, you’d know that an employee is married or not at the moment, but it tells you nothing about whether it was the case last year or even last month.

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Thanks, Martin!

It was a great explanation. I will research more in my tenant and get back with news.

Martin, you are right. Those kind of tables use a new record each time.