Database log setup for Customer details

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I need to enable database log for customer details name, e-mail address and phone number details.

Could you please let me that under which table, i can find these name, email and phone details in Database log setup.(I have enabled ‘Show all tables and Show table names’ in database log setup)


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Hi Experts,

Please suggest some steps to add these customer name, email and phone to database log setup.

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This is actually quite problematic, because none of these values are stored in customer table. They are in tables like DirPartyTable and LogisticsElectroningAddress. Sure, you can set up database log for these tables, but you won’t have a relation to a customer. You’ll be able to say, for example, that an address was added, but it doesn’t mean that it was an address related to a customer at all.
What business problem are you trying to solve by database log?

Hi @MartinDrab ,

Thanks for the reply.

Is there any workaround to track the changes databaselog w.r.t to customer, like any filter can be cosidered for dirparty table, Can you suggest some ways to achieve this ?

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No, you can’t apply any filters for DB log, there isn’t really anything you can filter by and knowing that it’s related to a customer, but not knowing which one, doesn’t look useful anyway.
You could log everything and then (programatically) analyze the logs to find what you’re interested in, but I would consider if the DB log is really the right tool for the business requirement.

Hi @MartinDrab , Thanks for the reply.

Actually the business requirement is that regarding Splunk/GDPR integration with d365f&o. Splunk team needs the Customer field details(CRUD-operations) from our d365 f&o application.

That’s why, I am trying to create the database log for Customer e-mail, phone, address details. If we can enable those fields in db log, after that i have to find the optimal way to export database logs and give it to splunk team.

Please suggest me whether the dblog will work or I have to find some other ways.

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You should rather look at change feeds in Azure Data Lake.