Document Approval in Nav2009

Hi All,

I’m working on Document Approval in NAV2009 IN (Local DB). I have finished the Document Approval Setup for the Purchase Order. And then create a Purchase Order and click the Function menu Send Approval Request. It gives the msg window as …

I have searched the Table Approval Entry (ID 454) but I have found no records though system gives the above msg.

If I’m wrong then please currect me!

After the Code review I have found that if the PO is created without Purchaser Code than the Document approval system will give the above msg without creating any actual entry.

Kindly reply!

it works with users who do this operation, you can setup those in user setup, where you point approver and e-mail address. it worked for only one level of approver in standard Navision. I did it for unlimited approver levels. it should be one approver without limit though.