Approval Document setup question

Hi All,
We’re trying out to use Approval Document after using Nav 2009 for some time now. I am setting up the Purchase document approval for Purchase order. When I take the “Approval Test Report” (for all users) it is saying ok. Users had been set up in Approval User Setup. Approval Template for P-Order is Enabled.
Admin - Approval Admin
John - Purchaser. Approval Limit (100)
Question 1:
John created an Purchase Order and when he tried to post the PO he created, Message: “Document PO-XXXXXXX must be approved and released before you can perform this action” (Which is expected) but when John tried to Send Approval Request (Action -->Function → Send Approval Request ). This Message appeared: “You do not have Right to Read Approval entry Table”
Is there any problem in the setup?
Question 2:
Admin - Approval Admin
Jane - Purchaser. Approval Limit (100)
Jane created an Purchase Order and sent Approval Request. After PO successfully sent to Approval Request (Message: " Order PO-XXXXXX requires further approval. Approval request entries have been created). Since in testing mode, Jane cancelled Approval Request (Action → Functions → Cancel Approval Request). It cancelled the Approval Request but was able to post the Purchase Order (from which I’m assuming should not be able to post it (a) because technically it was not approved before performing the action (b) it was cancelled. Status in Approval Request Entry = Cancelled
Is the result from the Purchase order as expected? Otherwise, PO Approval is useless user can go ahead and cancel the approval request then post it. Or maybe problem in setup?
Thanks in anticipation.

Hi ,

Q1 : that is a license or a permissions/role issue

Q2: That might be a config issue or code change/bug


Thank you! I will look into permission/role issue and config issue.


Hi g,

for Q1, yes it was permission issue

for Q2, still figuring out config issue.

ff up question:
John - Purchaser

John was able to send approval Request and admin was able to see the PO in Approval Entries. This PO that was sent for approval was Approved (hence removed from Approval Entries). But when John tried to post the Purchase order (Approval Request Entry Status = Approved; Purchase Order Status: Pending Approval). Post PO → Message: “Document PO-XXXXXX must be approved and released before you can perform this action”. Is there a next step for approval after this PO has been approved?

Thanks in anticipation.