DMF import values of string field converting to different langauage

Hi All,

I am importing data through DMF in D365 F&O to custom entity and custom table
I have one string field called Name, while importing I am giving the value as

Aglonas meži in source file, but after importing to D365 F&O I can see the value is converted as Aglonas meži

Please suggest if any country specific settings I am missing

Pay attention to character encoding. The encoding configured on DMF format should match the actual encoding used by the file.

Hi Martin,

I am using VerticalBarSeparated file to import and it is UTF-8 encoding

Could you please suggest any doc on how to match with it?

If your import expects the file to be in UTF-8, maybe the file uses a different encoding. Check it out.

Hi Martin, my file is having UTF-8 encoding, I am not able to fine where can I configure the same encoding in DMF

Open the source format settings and look at the Regional settings fast tab (at the bottom of my screenshot).

Hi Martin, Thank for the above,

in My case by default Unicode is set to NO, can I enable it try? or Do I need to set Code Page to 1200 which is Unicode

The number for UTF-8 is 65001.