Dataport for Chinese, Russian, Polish language

Hi, i´ve a problem : When i export textfiles with an dataport from a chinese, russian or polish navision version (e.g. item-list). The special characters of these languages are not displayed correct in the exported text-file. For portugues/french etc… language i had the same problem but i used an ASCII2ANSI converter to have the text files in the right way. For russian, chinese and polish there must ba another way to solve. Does anybody knows one ? (Programm, codeunit…) Thanks ! Dan

ive heard of a conversion codeunit that converts ANSI to OEM … a collegue of mine is using it. but i doubt that it helps you? do you know the charset?

I don’t know if this correct, but did you try open it in wordpad and save it as ms-dos format? I saw this on another thread.

Hello, the conversion with Wordpad didn´t work correct… The charsets are : Polish : ISO-8859-2 Chinese : GB2312 Russian : Koi8-r

i would try to store in some way in binary form … unicode maybe? i really dont know much about this thing but i guess there must be a routine to convert them around …

The chinese characters are double bytes which navision doesn’t support. I think next version of navision will support it. There is also a chinese fin.exe that allows double byte characters, which a solution center (Tectura?) supports in china.

I havn’t problems to import/export chinese text - but keep in mind that you can’t import text written in lower case to fields with type CODE because the uppercase carecter have a different meaning.