DMF - Not able to Preview source file


I am using DMF to import the “Line of Business” file. However when I try to preview the source file , I have this error: " The data value violates integrity constraints."

I have a text file that I have converted from Excel and I am wondering if that’ s the cause. How can I make sure that my excel file is properly converted into txt so I can do that task???

Any help is appreciated

Open the file in a text editor and check what’s there.

Why not create DIXF as an export first to get the format in Excel and then put your original data in Excel (which is where it starts). You have not stated your version so I am answering with the current knowledge of DIXF (I believe :-))


Check the sample file which is mapped in the Processing group.

Preview Source file displays the records from the sample file. So if there are any violations , then it would throw error.

For e.g., if for the date field, the value given is in a string or a REAL field is having a string value, this error would come.

So I suggest you to verify the sample file



Hi all,

Yes The error was in my text file. Thanks all for your input [:)]