Display selected item from dropdown list

Im new in NAV Development and im trying to do some stuff in Nav, but i get problem with Display selected item from dropdown list.

Here is my problem , as you see in screenshots im trying to select one of those items from dropdown,but it didnt display the item i just selected and no matter what i selected,it always display the Number (I know wats the number is about),but i didnt want that , i want display the item i selected (just Name for ex) , so can anyone please point me in right direction ?


SC-Field (“Default Ship To Code”)-Properties:

SC-Table (“Default Ship To Code”)-Properties:

You will have to create a new page with the fields you need and then remove the tablerelation property on the table for this field and then onLookup of the table trigger you will have to use the if page.runmodal(page::“Your page name”,rec) = action::lookupok then assign the code from your page to the table field.