No developer licens - Displaying Flowfield option string on page in text format?

I’m without developer licens, therefore I don’t have acces to the c/al code section on pages ect. - But perhaps you can help me anyway.

I have added new fields to an existing table and page. One of the fields is a flow field with a lookup to a field containing an option string. I have also defined the new field with the same options. It works ok - except from the fact that the page displays the nummeric value of the option string and not the text. How can I solve this?

Did you make sure that the option caption also has the same values in the properties, if you leave the option caption blank then it will show the numeric value


Hi sbhatbng

Yes, I copy/pasted the options string. But I found the problem! I had added a tablerelation on the field - which I did’nt need. When I deleted that, it worked.

But thank you so much for replying.

Best Regards.