Lookup to display data in custom page

I assume this is a very easy question. I have programming experience, but none with Nav.

I have created 2 tables in navision 2013 R2. Table1 with 2 fields, ID and Description.






The other one (Table2) with 4 fields, ID, Date, Cost and Table1Id.

I created a page to fill the table1, works well

I created a card page to create some table2 records. works well, except the lookup shows the ID of table1, and not the description.

Anyone can help


From what I can gather from your example, this discussion on Field Groups may speak directly to your request …



an example:

field “Item Description” in table 1 should show the description of an item.

there is a second field “Item No.” in that table 1.

so “Item Desc.” should have:

  • FieldClass = FlowField and
  • CalcFormula = Lookup(Item.Description WHERE (No.=FIELD(Item No.)))