display report group by month

Hi all,

I’m working on CustInvoice report in AX 2009. I want this report to display data based on Invoice Date i.e. CustInvoiceJour.InvoiceDate and it should appear group by each month.

After every month interval based on user criteria entered it should do group totals.


Hi, You have said what do you want. But you have not told us what is your problem and what is stopping you to do that?

Hi Kranthi,

How do I do grouping monthly based on user criteria .

Usually user can filter any date like: 01/01/2015…30/05/2015 or any thing.

So how do I achieve this?


If the you are going to do a more analysis on basis of month on invoice data, i would suggest adding it as a field to the invoice table and doing a group be on that.

If not you can use a temp table with month as one of the field in that fill the data into it from the invoice tables. Use the temp table as data source for the report and do a group by on month. I will be a complete new report then.

If I use a temp table then how do I fill this table with only month value from invoice table. And when the user enters his criteria how system will do grouping on this temp table.

thanks Kranthi

You need to fill the all other values into the temp table, the temp table will be your source of data in report.

See \Reports\ProdEfficiencyProcess