Invoice Report - Group By Month


I’m developing a report where i have to group invoices by month.

So I used the Date table as the first data item and filtered for “Period Type” to be equal to ‘Month’

and added the invoice header table as the second indented DataItem…

But I can not link the two tables together.

I want to link the invoice header to the date table using the ‘Posting Date’ to be between the Date.‘Period Start’ and Date.‘Period End’

However I can’t find a way to do it from the DataItemLink property.

Any thoughts??

There are alot of reports that do this - you can simply use one of those as your template.

Try Customer Sales Statistics report - Also I would use Customer Ledger Enties instead of Sales Invoice Header table

You can also use array’s see here:

There is a post that does sales by customer by month
It Looks Like This:
Here’s a copy of the .fob