grouping by month

hai… i want to create report grouping by month

how is it possible?

if grouping by date i use this

CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT :=
CurrReport.TOTALSCAUSEDBY = Table.FIELDNO(Tanggal);

→ success

by month, i use this code

CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT :=
CurrReport.TOTALSCAUSEDBY = DATE2DMY(Tanggal,2);

but it failed

Totals are only caused by a field, not part of a field. That’s why you compare it to an integer that is the field number from the table.

You can look into using the Date virtual table for this. If you want to use the grouping functionality built into reports that will be your best bet. Date will be one data item, and something else will be indented beneath it. You’ll have to set your filters manually, though.

Date virtual table??

where i can find that?

You can’t, that’s why it’s a Virtual table. Just like Integer. Add a Record variable with subtype Date and you can play with the fields.

… or create a form using the F3/New wizard and add all the fields - this will show you what the data looks like.