Disconnect session

Hi As I can disconnect to another user from my session. Exists possible way?

Hi, Do you mean kick an user out of Axapta? If so, have a look at Online users form under Administration menu. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

The version of axapta that I use is the 2.5. In this version the option to disconnect in the screen of users in single line this available one if it is had installed the AOS. I I do not have AOS. My installation is in 2-tier. Somebody has been able to make a process independently to disconnect users of the processes standard of Axapta?

Hi, Try looking at xSession class under AOT → System documentation → classes. 3-tier installations use terminate() method from this class to terminate user sessions. HTH, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi, I also using AX 2.5, I have trouble by dead user session (>24 hrs) happens when user’s pc crash or network disconnect. The dead user session consume my users liscense and can’t kill by end session funtion or Xsession.terimate(). Curretnly I restart AOS if too many dead session exists. If there has any better solution than restarting the AOS? Thx in advance Bgds Wilson

I am studying…


please let me know how to kill the inactive business connector user session but not from online users form, in my environment AX 2009 with windows server 2008 has integrated with other application through biztalk and hundred of session generating in a very sort spam of time, but these session is not gettin inactive ,

thanks in advance