Delivery/Shipment note


I am new in dynamics ax 2009. I would like to know how the process of delivery/shipment goods looks like. I have already checked the procedure in the system. I have done the following things:

  1. Create purchase order
  2. Item arrival using arrival overview
  3. post packing slip journal from inventory management

It seems that it works fine but my question is if there is another way to do it the same. I still do not know how to generate shipment goods report. Could anyone of you describe me the process of taking goods from warehouse and shipment to the customer? I would like to know what should I do (operation in ax) to take items from warehouse only for my purposes.

Thank you.

You can receive it through the Purchase Order.

For Sales there are a couple. From teh sales order you can confirm it, then pick it, register teh pick and then ship it. You can also use the release sales order picking function to pick and ship.