Tracking Purchase order shipment status in AX 2012 R2

Dear All,

Suppose, Company ABC is importing goods from Vendor X against a purchase order generated from AX. Shipment has to go through number of stages including production, packing, handing over to forwarding agent, custom clearing, loading for sea/air shipment, arrival at airport/dry port, off-loading, custom clearing and forwarding etc. Company ABC wants to track shipment status along with information of agents involve, reference of lading/invoice documents, custom fees etc. within AX.

Is there any way to record shipment, cargo, clearing etc. information in AX with any work around or so? Or is it only possible through customization?

Your suggestions are welcome.

Hi Irum,

You should take a look at Sable Systems Inbound Transportation Management ISV. What you’re describing is what they do best. The processes were a little tough to get used to, but provides a really great insight into tracking shipments (and stages) along with the associated landed cost. I’m pretty sure there’s a demo out there on YouTube you could watch.

I would love to hear if someone has an out-of-the-box solution for this.