Default "Ship Orders Complete" Per Customer Account?

Right now we run a parts department via AX 2009 & when we have the complete quantity filled for a sale order line then it gets printed via the Release Sales Order Picking.

But we have customer wanting thier orders to only ship when all lines of an order can be filled to requested quantity. How can it a default per customer or selected during order entry?

Thanks in Advance,


Nothing as stadnard pre-AX2009, the release sales order picking is item driven only. I would suggest this has not changed in 2009 but not verified it. You would need a customisation for this.

Ok, good news is that the pick has the option to activate SOs the will ship complete. But we are looking for the option to have this default at the so level or customer account level.

Any hints? Has any one else found this as an option… I think this feature would be warehousing 101…

Thanks Again,


You are using the release sales order picking routine, you cannot do this directly from the sales order as this is not your process, so you are constrained by the process being used, which does not have the option to run on complete sales lines, it is a picking function, so I was taking it from that perspective. No hints, just do not think it exists in AX - never assume anything is 101 where software is concerned.