Sales order


During the sales order creation i am facing the below.

After the “PICKING LIST REGISTRATION” in “PICK and PACK” tab step over in my sales order creation, The next step in same tab “Generate - Inter Company picking list , Packing slip” buttons are not enabled. I cant proceed further due to the issue.

Please help me to solve this.

Thanks in advance.


On which version your working ? AX 2009 or AX 2012 ??

Can you tell me the steps how you fallowed to do?


Hi Sarathy,

Worrking on AX 2012

Hi Mohamed,

Can you tell me the steps which you have fallowed? are you working on Inter company concept? Inter company setups were done between 2 company a/c’s?



I simply created a sales order by following the steps from MSDN. Started from the Sales order form. Is there anything that we have to check in any forms in SETUP.




if inter company setup is not there then you can go with normal sales order steps. Instead of going through MSDN … go through with AX 2012 material (Chapter 6), it will help you in detail to perform SO cycle.


Hello Sarathy, quick question. Could you I find the AX 2012 material in Partner Source or customer source or where from?

HI Patrick,

Yes we can get it in MS Partner source.