Partial or complete shipments

Navision 3.70 with WMS A number of our customers only accept complete shipments. We use the field “Shipping Advice” to indicate the customers shipping advice. When we have a sales order with shipping advice “Complete” we can create a warehouse shipment and a picking even when the picking quantities are less then the ordered quantities. We can also register the (partial) picking. At the very end of the shipping and picking procedure, when we try to post the warehouse shipment Navision gives us an error that we have to ship “complete” for this order. I guess this is correct in the way Navision has designed the system but this not working for us. We want to avoid that we have a number of pallets in our shipping zone waiting for a missing item that arrives maybe 2 days later from the production plant. For me it makes more sense that we only have a picking when all items for a sales order can be picked. When we have one shipment for 2 sales orders where the first has shipping advice “Partial” and the second “Complete”, the picking should only have picking lines for the second sales order when all items can be picked. Does this make any sense? If yes, is there a way to make this work, by adjusting some settings or by changing the program? My first idea is to change the “Create Pick” program? When the picking is not matching the sales order lines, the system should “roll-back” the picking lines for that sales order. Thanks in advance for your help. Dany Leemans

You are probably going to need to make some mods, and they are not easy. The coding part is simple, but you really need to clearly define the logic that you need. For example, if you are picking from multiple bins, then picks do not match the actual sales order. And its not necessary that the registered pcik matches the order either. So the issue becomes what is it that you want to be able to do. We have done this for a client, and it is working, but it took a lot to get there. There are probably 10 lines of modified code to do the job, but those lines took a long time to work out. I suggest that before you embark on this venture, that you sit with the client and discuss every possible scenario and try them manually first. And always keep in mind that actual inventory is not necessarily the same as what is in Navision, so even if you get it all working, and the item is not on the shelf, you will have part picked, and still have pallets sitting on the floor waiting.