DCAA compliance

Does anybody know if Navision is DCAA compliant or if there is a way to get the software to be DCAA compliant?

May I Know what u mean by DCAA, is it Direct Cost Applied Account?

Craig, Navision is not DCAA compliant. I’m not sure that your prospect actually needs a DCAA compliant package though. Years ago when I was first getting started in this business, I had a Federal government contractor as a client on a non-DCAA compliant software package. All that really meant was that the auditors had to do a somewhat higher level of testing to ensure that the system was working as prescribed, the costs were being reflected acurately and that the government was getting billed fairly. Of course, things could be (and probably are) different now as far as the compliance issue is concerned. There are only a handful of “certified” DCAA compliant packages out there. The name of the major one escapes me right now as I’m waiting for my first pot of coffee to brew. Good luck, Mark.


Curious, since this post is way old.

How do other NAV users (or VARS) comply with DCAA requirements?

Were custom reports built?


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