Customer Reimbursement - Overpaid Sales Order

Hi All,

I’m running into an issue where I cannot refund an overpaid sales order.

The situation occurs when a sales order is paid in full, then we must cancel a line of the sales order. The order is invoiced, resulting in a credit balance on the customer’s account.

When I go to perform the Reimbursement process, I filter by 1) Customer and 2) Voucher (in the related table Customer transactions). The Reimbursement process refunds ALL credit balances on the customer’s account, which is not what we want to occur.

When I look at Settle Open Transactions, I see the (for example) $258 credit and a voucher number – and really no other signifying identifiers (ie. Invoice #, SO#, Doc#, PayJrn #) to use to tell AX what exactly to reimburse.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Is there a better process than this? (besides manual vouchers via GL entry)