Aged Customer Account with Credit Balance needs to be refunded


I have a customer with a small credit balance that has been on the Customer Detailed Aged report for a while. I would like to turn reimburse the customer because they overpaid. My thoughts are to create an invoice in the AR to clear the credit balance, then create an invoice in the purchase module to generate the payable. I do need to cut a check back to the customer as there is no other method of payment to use.

Am I correct in my thoughts? Or is there an easier way to process this transaction?

Thank you

Hi it’s me again, can anyone advise on a resolution and or comment for my post ? :slight_smile:

When you go to the payment journal…

Change “Document Type” to Refund

Change “Account Type” to Customer

Account No = Customer No

F9 on the entry you want … credit it this case.

Print the check.


I followed the process above to refund the customer, I missed a step along the way.

The debit (refund) is showing on the AR account and the credit (check ) is showing in the bank account

However there was no option to actually print the check, what did I miss?

Thanks for any assistance


Dependant on your version of NAV assuming 2013 it might not be on your ribbon, you would have to right click the ribbon and then under Navigate > Payments there is one that says print check bring this on screen, but if you have already posted it then you cant do it through the payment journal.

I believe I am on version 2009, I do not see the ribbon you are suggesting. The 2 GL’s are posted correctly, an alternative option may be to hand write a check for the customer. I am unable to reverse the transaction

You were able to post the check without printing it?

On the payment journal is the field “Bank Payment Type” was it set to “Manual Check”?

Hello, I was able to post the journal entry as a refund in the payment journal, which debited AR and credited cash. The entry shows as a deposit/transfer in the bank reconciliation. I then hand wrote the check to the customer.

No I did not have the Bank Payment Type set to “Manual Check”

So you were not able to print a check?? Very strange. Sounds like you were in the “Purchase Journal” instead of the "Payment Journal