Costing error..

Hi All,

System create cost on transfer order shipment and transfer order receive in AX-2009, is there any way that system not create cost on Transfer order and what is the effect on GL if Transfer order not create cost.


If you do not cost by warehouse (the dimension group financial inventory) then there would be no cost difference by site, so no cost would be posted. Basically the cost stays where it is because there is no material impact on the cost of the item.

Dear Sayed,

Regarding the cost on transfer order there will be no effect on Gl but there will be effect on the cost of that items on the warehouse where you are transferring the items example.

Item A qty 10 in warehouse A and u transfer 5 qty to warehouse B and if the cost is not applied then when u sell this items from warehouse B then ur cost of goods sold will be zero and if u are selling this items in 10$ then ur total profit will be 10 $ only.