Tranfer Order Posting issue.

I have processed a transfer order in Dynamics AX.

After starting the arrival overview and posting the item journal. Then trying to post the transfer order I get this error message

Negative cost amount for receipts is not allowed.

Which prevents me from updating the transfer order. What cost has to do with a transfer? I am just transfer goods from 1 warehouse to another.

Anybody has a fix to this issue.

Much thanks

Is it across sites? AX makes postings to the inter-payabales and inter-receivables accounts when sites are used, however to have a negative cost would be strange - what is the costing method - what is the cost of each at the site in the costing version?


I fixed the issue and it was very simple. The transfer order was create with a larger qty than picked and shipped.

I had to end the output order (remaining balance) and then cancel the rest of the qty.

Then posted the transfer order and it went through with no problems

Thanks for your help