Transfer order cost error

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I have many cases in AX2012 related to transfer order cost , in my environment , we create production orders at one warehouse , and after the finishing the production (RAF) we transfer it to another warehouse , in many cases we found that the cost of the transfer order is different from the cost of the production order , and the production warehouse still have financial value without any quantities??

Please advice and how we can use this issue , not that all items are CW items.


Please try n create the Transfer Order after ending the Production Order.


There were known CW costing issues so your version would be an issue. However have you run the inventory cost recalculation - has it pushed through the production order (ended) cost to the transfer order? What costing method are you? Are you tracking financial cost by warehouse or any other setting on the dimension group?

Many thanks for replies , I ran the inventory recalculation and the cost pushed from the production order to the transfer order with wrong cost (not exactly equals the production order cost) I use the WA costing and the cost is tracked by warehouse

Which are the begging and end dates of your analysis? Maybe you have transactions related to that production order posted outside the period of time you analyze.