Congratulations to thenew MVPs.

Congratulations and Welcome to Ahmed and Alain on joining the club. You guys have been very active in the forums over the last year, and are doing a great job to help build the Dynamics comunity. Keep up the great work.

Thanks David. It’s a great navision comminity and it has become a hobby. I get exposed to a lot of questions and it’s learning process as well. Mibuso is more popular than this site, so I partcipate there a lot more than here. I have the same ara3n nickname there as well.

Yes mbsonline had a lot of performance problems over the past 6 months, and many of the original NOLUG and MBSOnline member have been more active on MiBuSo during this period. Now that Erik has rebuilt this site, you will see it getting back to its old glory.

I hope that you will become more active on dynamics users over the coming months, and look forward to seeing you here.

Again congratulations on the award.

PS are you still working in the same company we worked together at, or have you moved?

Congrats Guys! Keep up the good work!


Congratulations to Ahmed and Alain and also to all the people awarded for the other Dynamics branches:

Duke DelPrado
Richard Whaley
Brenner Klenzman

Ronald Lemmen
Frank Lee

Toni Savage

Yes congrats to all, its not that I forgot the others, its just that I think Ahmed and Alain are the only dynamics users members.

Congrats :slight_smile: