MVP Award

I received the MVP award today for the first time and wanted to take a moment to thank all of the other contributors who really helped me learn the product. It is an honor to be mentioned in such company. I truly enjoy paying it forward and helping others who are just starting out. Here’s to another year of good posts and good fun. Take care and thanks again everyone.

Congratulations Matt, it’s very well deserved. For quite some time I have wondered why you were not already an MVP.

Updated your account as well.

Well done Matt, you truely deserve this.

Make sure to update your profile on the MVP site.

That logo looks good by your name Matt [:D] Congratulations on a well deserved award [Y]

Congrats Matt…

Congrats to Luc Van Vugt also…

Congrats, Matt. I cannot but fully agree with everyone above.

@Mohana: thanx.

Well done lads, both are thoroughly deserved

Congratulation Matt … !!

Congratulation Matt … !!