Combining Multiple Posted Sales Invoices into 1 Sales Invoice

Is there a feature or function in NAV to combine multiple Posted Sales Invoices (with the same Customer Code) into one Sales Invoice? This is for version 3.60

Your response is highly appreciated!


You want to combine already posted invoices?

If yes, I think NO.

It is possible to combine and invoice already posted receipts…

I think the easiest way is to credit each of the invoices, then issue a single invoice for the total. It doesn’t take long if you use the Copy Document feature (that was in 3.6, right? [:)] )

mohana_cse06: Yes, we triy to combine multiple Posted Sales Invoices into 1 Posted Sales Invoice.

Thanks for your reply.



I was thinking the same way in the beginning. But, the Users said it’s not practical because it could involve more than 10 invoices.


I don’t see how it would be any different. You have to select all of the invoices you want to combine one by one, which isn’t that different that crediting them. You should be able to multiple copy documents on the same credit memo and pull each of the invoices onto a single credit. Post it, then copy document that big credit to a new invoice.

Guess it just depends on the user and the ROI for the company.

Thank you very much Matt.


Practical issuing a credit memo for multiple invoice is not possible, as credit memo is something which need to be issued of some thing wrong in the invoice or there is a discount to be posted against that invoice.